ACKITE was founded in Denmark, 2017, by CEO and Director, Morten Rasmussen. Morten has always had a extreme interest in fashion and its industry, but felt like something was missing. One day he decided to create ACKITE and create a brand that would have the black and white colors at it´s center of attention. The purpose of being a visionary expression, is what ACKITE is all about. ACKITE was created with the simple purpose of reinventing fashion as we know it. Our brand and our products, are created with a true vision, of creative evolvement and unique pieces. The designs are all unisex.


The simplicity of the designs, combined with the most amazing qualities, became the main focus of our brand. The colors of ACKITE are black & white, this is our way of expressing ourselves. ACKITE strive to create a universe, where diversity is rather celebrated than damned. The world is filled with differences, by combining black & white in our products, we wanna show the world, that differences can meet and evolve into something beautiful. We have the need of positivity now more than ever. The brand defines every pieces of it’s design, as a unique key of unlocking the perfect style. We handpick the best qualities from all over the world, to achieve the highest comfort & fit.


ACKITE is all about the uniqueness in a design. Costumers can buy our products from several retailers in Europe, which are carefully selected, in order to maintain the highest level of service and quality. The team behind the brand, is committed to hard work in our sales, brand development, online commerce and PR departments. We have the commitment to give you – our costumers, the most unique experience, all the way from placing your order, to wearing our products. With a high-end brand, perfection is our only true goal. We believe in the terms of giving our costumers, more than what they expect to get.

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